Catalytic Solutions provides fractional integrator and interim executive leadership services to help business owners grow their businesses.

Transforming chaos into clarity and focus.

Catalytic Solutions offers fractional executive leadership services so small- and mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from C-level expertise on an interim basis to gain traction within their businesses.

What do we do?

We are passionate about helping businesses achieve sustainable growth. We use a set of logical business principles, proven tools and best practices as a framework to help founders, owners and CEOs gain traction with their leadership teams and scale their businesses successfully. The Fractional Integrator/COO focuses on the daily implementation of this framework by:

  • reviewing your vision and strategic road map,
  • ensuring the right people are in the right seats,
  • assessing your current processes for improvement and ensuring compliance with those processes,
  • evaluating your systems and infrastructure,
  • monitoring the actionable data that informs your business operations and
  • facilitating agenda-driven weekly meetings with your leadership team to discuss results, KPIs, and
    priority issues to be resolved.


Partnering with you and your leadership team, we apply the framework to cultivate accountability and help your business achieve your desired results.