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process design

Process Design

Are your business processes effective?

The key to any business operating smoothly is your employees following procedures effectively and efficiently. We work with stakeholders to assess process needs, identify improvements and document new processes and procedures. Using change management best practices to engage your employees, we help your employees become part of the process and the solution.


Step 1  Assess core business processes
Step 2  Engage stakeholders in process mapping

Step 3  Transition and measure

Documenting processes is critical to your business for:


  • managing team turn-over and training;
  • performance management and accountability;
  • identifying redundancies and operational cost savings;
  • establishing new procedures for a start-up business; and
  • preparing for exit to demonstrate how your business operates.


Working across all operational functions, we will work with your stakeholders to establish clearly documented procedures and help your business build high-performing, accountable teams.



What we do:


  • Working sessions with stakeholders to map current workflows, roles, and opportunities to streamline and improve.
  • Working sessions with stakeholders to create new processes--either for newly identified procedures or to improve upon existing workflows.
  • Roll-out communication and implementation plan with key metrics for success.
  • Documented procedures for your company library.

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