Catalytic Solutions provides fractional integrator and interim executive leadership services to help business owners grow their businesses.

Transforming chaos into clarity and focus.

Works by using entrepreneurial operating system as framework to unblock obstacles, align leadership teams around a business vision, and lead accountable teams.

How does it work?

We help small to mid-size businesses scale for growth by implementing proven large-company processes, tools and best practices in a manageable way. When a fractional integrator or COO joins your company on a part-time, all-in basis, we align your team and their skill sets with the building blocks needed to realize your vision. We reduce the “noise” and distractions, and focus instead on optimal ways to deliver your desired outcomes. When your team is armed and positioned to deliver results, you’re free to focus on the big ideas that originally inspired you to start your business.


As a fractional integrator or interim COO working weekly in your business, we become your trusted advisor and right-hand partner to help you execute your vision.

Fractional Chief Operating Officer Integrator Model

This is a sample model for working with an Integrator or Fractional COO. For companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) and/or considering implementing EOS®, we would work closely with you and your EOS® Implementor.