Catalytic Solutions provides fractional integrator and interim executive leadership services to help business owners grow their businesses.

Transforming chaos into clarity and focus.

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Our Services

Fractional Services

   Chief Operating

Augment your leadership team with an Integrator or Fractional COO to help ground, grow or operationalize your business and free you to focus on the big ideas that fuel growth. Engaging a fractional executive is a strategic and cost-effective interim solution to align your organization with your vision and ensure you’re optimally postioned to achieve measurable results.


The Fractional Integrator/COO acts effectively as the “glue,” helping to ensure all business functions are running efficiently, day-to-day operations are being managed, removing obstacles and improving processes. Your Integrator will:


  • Lead agenda-driven weekly meetings to drive accountability across the leadership team and your organization
  • Remove obstacles from your business through "IDS"—Identifying, Discussing and Solving issues
  • Hold Same-Page meetings weekly with you to build trust, align on priorities and ensure execution across the enterprise
  • Supervise, or “LMA”, your leadership team (Lead, Manage, and hold Accountable)
  • Develop a balanced scorecard for your business to monitor progress toward results
  • Adopt a key project or strategic initiative as a quarterly goal to help the company meet its objectives
  • Assess, develop and implement policies and processes 
  • Support the entire leadership team in setting and achieving their quarterly individual and annual corporate goals
  • Identify and onboard your full-time Integrator when you are ready for this transition

Other Services

We can help scale your business.

Catalytic Solutions supports you with results-driven strategies, key 
projects and workshops customized to meet your specific needs. Whether your company is an early-stage start-up, expanding a new line of business or preparing for exit, we expect to get our hands dirty as we help companies build out and streamline their operations!

Strategic Planning

Do you have a formalized process for strategic planning and turning that plan into a road map for your business? If not, we can help. We work with your leadership team to flesh out the plan and implement a process to check your company's progress toward those goals.
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Process Design

We work with stakeholders to assess process needs, identify improvements and document new processes and procedures. We use change management best practices to engage your employees so they become part of the change process and, consequently, the solution.

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Whether your team needs help in early stage product development -- market analysis, scoping, requirements, client personas -- or product marketing activities to prepare for launch, we can close gaps and augment your team's efforts.
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Executive Advisory

Visionaries are the purveyors of great ideas. Sometimes, they need help converting great ideas into strategic initiatives for execution. We can set goals into an action plan and break down the big boulders in front of you
to overcome them.

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