Catalytic Solutions provides fractional integrator and interim executive leadership services to help business owners grow their businesses.

Transforming chaos into clarity and focus.



Seeking a trusted advisor who can help you elevate into your visionary role?

Visionaries are the purveyors of great ideas. Sometimes they can get easily distracted, overwhelmed and lose focus. Some need help getting started building the business or resetting a function within the business. Sound familiar? If so, working with a trusted advisor can help you gain clarity, provide support and guide you on a path to help you achieve your goals. Through regular check-ins, we can set goals into an action plan and break down the big boulders in front of you to overcome them. An Accountability Advisor positively reinforces good habits so you can feel more productive, achieve results and rediscover the joy in your business.



What we do:


  • Weekly or biweekly meetings with a business confidante who has your back.
  • Issue-tracker Online--Identifying the hurdles in your business, discussing them and finding solutions.
  • Quarterly goal setting and detailing the steps you and your business can take to achieve them.


Let's discuss what you and your business need to see how we can help you achieve results and get back to your preferred role as visionary.

Learn how we can work together to make your business scalable and sustainable.